Back pain comes in many forms and behaves quite differently from one person to another. Treatments can vary from manual therapy to psychological. At Anderson Chiropractic Clinics, it’s our job to figure out why a person in having back pain and to figure out the best treatment approach for that particular person. Each problem with the spine may require a unique approach depending on the cause, which may in some cases, be due to a Vitamin D deficiency.

Spinal related problems can come from a multitude of issues which may include: long term muscle imbalances, degenerative joints, scoliosis, trauma, excessive postural stress, genetic factors, poor movement patterns, excessive phone and computer use, dietary choices, and as stated previously, Vitamin D deficiency.

Treating back pain should encompass the possibility of a Vitamin D deficiency. The “sunshine” vitamin is lacking in most people, and in part is determined by your ethnic origin and lifestyle. Most people are stuck indoors during the prime hours of sun exposure needed to make Vitamin D. It is estimated that 41.6% to 82.1% of people are deficient in Vitamin D. Supplementation has been shown to decrease and in some cases completely alleviate back pain.