On a daily basis, we take around 10,000 steps. Magnify that impact with improper shoes, bad arch biomechanics, hard surfaces, repetition, and you will get Plantar Fasciitis. This can be an extremely debilitating condition, not to mention bothersome and aggravating.

Without knowing our limits, we really don’t appreciate how good we have it when our plantar fascia is working for us. When your foot really hurts in the morning, it gradually gets better throughout the day. But what if the pain continues to linger? What happens when you really want to be active, but the pain is preventing you from doing so? The doctors at Anderson Chiropractic Clinics can help.

The approach to treating plantar fasciitis needs to be multifaceted. This is why a good and thorough exam of the musculoskeletal system is essential for treatment progress. Many people go to the chiropractor for back pain, but may later indicate that they are having signs of plantar fasciitis. So which came first?

We are lead to believe that plantar fasciitis is due to an overuse injury, or repetitive micro-trauma. Some people may be predisposed by wearing faulty shoes, having bad arches, walking on hard surfaces, obesity, aging, decreased range of motion in multiple joints, and prolonged standing.

Treatment options can include; manipulation of the joints, ultrasound, electric stimulation therapy, heat, ice, stretching, massage, strengthening, kinesio taping, athletic taping, activity modification, orthotics, shoe choice, and weight loss.