Back pain can be easily treated and prevented through proper chiropractic care. Here at Anderson Chiropractic Clinics, we utilize chiropractic services and a variety of techniques to help keep upper and lower back discomfort at bay.

Back pain can be caused by:

  • Sports injury, work injury, natural aging, and arthritis.

No matter what the cause of your back pain is, our excellent team of doctors here at Anderson Chiropractic Clinics can help you achieve long lasting relief. Our doctors believe in treating the cause of the pain, not just the symptoms.

Here are some easy at-home tips to prevent back pain:

  • Remain Active
  • Maintain a healthy diet & weight
  • Practice proper lifting techniques
  • Quit smoking
  • Get adequate sleep on a semi-firm mattress

Along with the at-home tips, getting regular chiropractic adjustments can also help prevent serious back injury. The doctors at Anderson Chiropractic Clinics are here to help you maintain the health and proper alignment of your spine.