Q: What is Chiropractic treatment?
A: Chiropractic treatment describes a variety of manual healing methods that are used to readjust, realign, and rebalance the spine and body. Realignments help remove strain and pressure from spinal joints and nerves. You can expect results such as better health and pain relief.

Q: What kind of conditions can Chiropractic help with?
A: Chiropractic focuses largely on spinal chiropractic treatments; however, there are many conditions that can be helped by chiropractic treatments. These conditions include: back pain, neck pain, jaw pain, hip pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, migraines, headaches, sinus conditions, sleep problems, digestive problems, fatigue, fibromyalgia, numbness, and tingling.

Q: Why do I hear cracking noises during my adjustment?
A: Have you ever cracked your knuckles? If so, you can compare that noise to what happens during an adjustment. The noise comes from the conversion of nitrogen gas from a joint fluid solution. While the noise might sound scary at first, it is in fact completely harmless.

Q: How do I know if I should see a Chiropractor?
A: When you first visit us at Anderson Chiropractic Clinics, we will assess you by completing a comprehensive evaluation. This allows us to confirm that you are eligible for chiropractic treatment.

Q: Will you need to take x-rays?
A: In some cases, we do require our patients to take x-rays in order to help us accurately diagnose a problem. Our clinics offer in-house x-rays for your convenience.

Q: What will happen during my first visit to Anderson Chiropractic Clinics?
A: The first thing we will have you do is fill in some basic information prior to your consultation. You can either do this on your own at home (by printing off the paperwork from this website), or in our offices. Our doctors will then conduct a thorough evaluation. You will be asked questions about your health, symptoms, and concerns. Afterwards, you will undergo some range of motion, orthopedic, and neurological exams for further assessment. X-rays may be taken after the consultation if we require more information before accurately diagnosing your condition.

Q: Is Chiropractic care covered by my insurance plan?
A: This really depends on your policy. However, the majority of medical plans do offer some coverage for chiropractic treatments. If you are unsure if your insurance will cover your visits, we always recommend calling your insurance provider directly.

Q: Will my insurance cover Chiropractic care if I have been involved in an automobile accident?
A: Car accidents are often fully covered by insurance policies. We suggest that you contact or visit us so that we can discuss the details of your case and your coverage options.

Q: Will the adjustment hurt?
A: Pain during an adjustment is extremely rare. Most of our patients experience a pleasant feeling during an adjustment.

Q: How much education does a Chiropractor receive before practicing?
A: Chiropractors must attend a 4-year undergraduate college before attending an accredited chiropractic school, which takes an additional 4 years at a minimum. They must then complete several national board and state level exams.