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When the warmer months arrive, why not move your workouts outside? Whether you’re simply enjoying nature or the company of a friend, walking can be a healthy and invigorating experience. Walking requires no equipment, improves cardiovascular endurance, tones muscles, and burns calories.

Below are tips to help your walk be effective and pain-free:

-Make sure your shoes fit properly (the balls of your feet should rest exactly at the point where the shoe bends during walking)
-Move your arms freely in coordination with the opposite leg
-Don’t stoop your head or look down as you walk
-Don’t carry weights or dumbbells, which are better used as a separate part of your workout regime.
-Walk briskly
-Stay hydrated by drinking at least 10 eight-ounce glasses of water throughout the day
-If possible, walk on a cushioned or rubberized surface. Grass is a good option- just watch out for dips or holes in the ground.

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